How does an art CSA work?

Cambridge Arts Council presents Community Supported Art, and award-winning program that operates much like an agricultural CSA share- with a clever twist! Community Supported Art provides an opportunity to directly support local artists by purchasing a small, medium or large ‘share’ of original artwork.

Do I get to choose the art?

Due to the limited nature of the works, purchasers cannot select which works the receive. Love them all?! Purchase a large share to receive all nine works!

What if I don’t love what I get?

Not all art is for everyone. Works from CSArt shares make great holiday, wedding and housewarming gifts.

Do I get an art share every month?

There is one ‘harvest’ a year, and you’ll receive the number of artworks you purchase in November. The artists are hard at work now on an exciting ‘crop’ of artworks!

How do I purchase a share?

Shares are available for pre-order now. Quantities are limited, so reserve your share soon! Shares will be available for pick-up in Cambridge in November 2016. Shares can also be shipped to locations in the United States.