Cicely Carew

Cicely Carew

Cicely Carew – “Percolate”, 2016. 22″ x 30″. Akua on Paper

Cicely Carew is interested in connection; it is a powerful energy. Color and structure lend themselves to circulating this flawed, risky, yet beautiful experience. She is drawn to materials, but it’s the unfolding of ideas that brings her excitement. Art is hope.

She is interested in engaging the viewer in a conversation around connection, energy transference, celebration and healing. She wants to expand on this idea by creating a body of work that draws from her experiences as a single mother of color living in a society and under a dictatorship that does see value in what she regards as sacred work: service (as a wellness instructor), artist (creating outside the box imagery), and motherhood.

As a community supported artist, she wants to continue to develop monotype print techniques that merge her prints with other mediums such as painting and collage.This series is her resistance to giving into the darkness that threatens our collective well-being, joy and light.

She feels lucky to live in this glorious bubble referred to as The Republic of Cambridge and draws inspiration from her community and surrounding Cambridge neighborhoods and communities.