Introducing the Small Share Collection

Small Shares include work from Estelle Disch, Melissa Glick, and Margarette Mattos. 

Estelle Disch, Textures and Trees, 2016 CSArt Share Series

Estelle Disch, Textures and Trees

I love trees and textures, and I used images of both together to create the phototransformations submitted to the Art Share program. Unidentifiable impulses lead me to work with certain trees and textures among the hundreds of each in my photo collection. I created 10 new images, made 5 numbered and signed archival pigment prints of each image, and have agreed to never again make these images at the submitted size.

Melissa Glick, Variations on a Theme

Melissa Glick, Variation on a Theme, CSArt Share Series

Black, white, silver, gold, a clock face and a thrift store frame are the elements used in 50 unique assemblages made with E-waste and collage. This series explores the act of seeing: illusion, layers, negative space; and the act of seeing in a new way: repurposed, reimagined materials previously considered to have no value.

Margarette Mattos, Windows

Margarette Mattos, Windows, 2016 CSArt Share Series

The fascination with the colors and textures of raw iron ore, extracted from the city of Itabira and the Serra dos Carajas area of Brazil, is the inspiration for my artwork. By combining the ore with other materials I produce abstract images on canvas.

Through the suggestion of “Windows”, I invite the viewer to find new angles and new ways to view each piece, creating different visions and moods for both the art and the viewer, while showing the balance and poetry unique to each creation.


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