Introducing the Medium Share Collection

Medium Shares include work from Mireli Books, Marcia Cohen, Linda Haas, Janet Malenfant, Anne Plaisance, and Deidre Tao. 


Mireli Books, In Time and Space Cambridge

Mireli Books, In Time and Space Cambridge, 2016 CSArt Share

I created a poster for drawing of an original composition interpretive of Cambridge’s intellectual and cultural roots. The inspiration for my piece came from the striking architecture of our City. I used a diagram of the Greek’s first analogue computer as a backdrop to five iconic Cambridge images:  The Craigie House, City Hall, the Old Library, Kendall Square – MIT, and the John W. Weeks Bridge – Harvard. The idea behind the antikythera mechanism was to evoke Cambridge’s innovation spirit by using an image reminiscent of the nickname ‘The Athens of America’.

Marcia Cohen, Wall At George’s Island

Marcia Cohen, Wall At George’s Island, 2016 CSArt Share Series

I have been a watercolor painter for many years, but recently I started doing silkscreen.  I repurpose silkscreen prints by cutting them apart and printing over them. For this project I started with a color photograph of a wall from the fort at George’s Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands.  The color image was converted to black and white, and then into a bitmap of dots which was burned into a screen. I printed this image over my recycled prints, so that each of the 50 shares has the same image on top but with a unique background.

Linda Haas, Other Places

Linda Haas, Other Places, 2016 CSArt Share Series

One of my greatest joys over the past few decades has been to combine travel and photography. The four photos I’ve contributed as my  CSArt share are part of this ongoing work. In my recent travels to Wales and Italy I was able to record numerous images through the filter of my eyes and my camera lenses. Upon returning home to Cambridge, I engaged in a thorough editing process and ultimately individually printed my chosen photos.


Janet Malenfant, Summer Garden

Janet Malenfant, Summer Garden, 2016 CSArt Share Series

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” These words by author Michael Michalko inspired this body of original paintings, created exclusively for the Cambridge Community Supported Art program. For several years I have explored the effects of light, color and movement through photography, creating images with ‘bokeh’ (or blurred) effect. In this project, I decided to capture that same feeling using flower gardens. I would lay in the garden looking up through the flowers with the sky peeking through and the sunlight blurring the details. Replicating that imagery has been interesting and rewarding and I hope those who purchase a share with my work feel the sun, sky and beauty of nature in the paintings.

Anne Plaisance, The Art’s Room Project

Anne Plaisance, The Art’s Room Project, 2016 CSArt Share Series

The art shares I created are intentionally socially engaged, they try to raise awareness about homelessness. Each piece represents a famous woman who had been homeless in her life: Ella Fitzgerald, Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain, Marianne Faithfull, Hilary Swank, Halle Berry. Each artwork is unique, signed and numerated. The techniques I used are drawing (white ink, graphite, sometimes acrylic painting) and collage (one play dollar bill, paper for the portraits, cardboard, sometimes pieces of coloured papers).

Deidre Tao, Riverbend at Dusk

Deidre Tao, Riverbend at Dusk, 2016 CSArt Share Series

I receive inspiration from the natural landscape and exchange a dialogue with it, bringing my own thoughts and feelings about the spirit of the place to the canvas. “Riverbend at Dusk” is inspired by the location of Nasketucket Bay, a quiet and sheltered inlet off of Buzzards Bay in the Southcoast region of Massachusetts. This painting evolved from a number of pictures I took in the late afternoon just before sunset when the sun was low. The color contrasts of orange and blue were compelling to me, as were the shapes of snowdrifts and shadows. Available in the share are signed prints of this piece specifically painted for the program.

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