Estelle Disch: Phototransformations

Estelle Disch

I love trees and textures, and I use images of both to create what I call; Phototransformations. All images used are ones that I shoot myself. During fall 2015 and winter 2016, I developed about a dozen new tree-and-texture images that I made available for sale via Cambridge Open Studios and my website. Participating in the Community Supported Art program has encouraged me to continue to expand that series, and, so far, I have about five new images. My plan is to create at least ten new ones for this program. I’ll print about five of each, numbered and signed, and will never print those images in that size again. They’ll arrive in 11×14 mats, ready for frames.
My work process is both preplanned and exploratory. I shoot with Phototransformations in mind, but I never know exactly what will emerge. I have hundreds of tree images and hundreds of textures, so the combinations are effectively endless. Unidentifiable impulses lead me to work with certain trees and textures at any particular moment. Some new images work, but most don’t. I try different approaches while working in Photoshop and stop working with an image when I feel like it’s either going trees%2c-teal-1nowhere or is getting close to something good. If it’s going nowhere, I toss it. If I feel interested in it or excited about it, I put it away for a while and reexamine it later. When I revisit the work, I do one of three things: toss it; put it in a “to work on” file; or decide that it is a keeper and begin to fine-tune it. Fine-tuning can involve such things as obsessive elimination of errant spots, such as debris in water; a color or tone shift in parts of the image; an adjustment of patterns; an additional texture; or a slightly different crop.

The CSA program has motivated me to get to work and see what emerges. I’m enjoying the process and look forward to seeing where it takes me. 

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