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Community Supported Art takes the model of buying a farm share to help support local agriculture and adapts it to supporting art-making in our community. Buy one of our shares and you get fresh, high-quality art at a reasonable price. Your purchase supports local artists, your neighbors, working right here in Cambridge. Which helps keep Cambridge creative.

How to Buy

Community Supported Art is great for your home or office and makes handsome gifts. Purchase online, or in person at the Cambridge Arts Council (344 Broadway, Cambridge MA 2nd Floor.) We offer three bundle options so pick your favorite pieces, or take home all nine!

Small Bundle (3 artworks) • Medium Bundle (6 artworks) • Full Share (9 artworks)

2017 Community Supported Art Series:

2016 Community Supported Art Series:

Note: As these pieces were produced in a limited edition of 50 works, each piece is one of a kind. If you would like to pick out your own custom piece by a specific artist, we encourage you to visit our gallery and choose your pieces in person.

Learn more about our amazing Community Supported Artists from 2017 and 2016!


Community Supported Art is a program of the Cambridge Arts Council.
Please email us or call (617) 349-4380.

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